Jewelry Box Revamp

School is finally coming to a close! This means I’m two years done with college, and when I re-read that, I can’t help but wonder where in the heck time went. With the school year wrapping up and my hardest exams behind me,  I found a bit of time to craft this Mother’s Day weekend!

As you may have seen in my Room Reveal for this last year, I had my jewelry hanging up in my closet on a pretty blue board. While I did love it, I noticed that my jewelry was tarnishing much more quickly than it had been in the past because of its exposure to the air. Since the goal for this coming year when I move into my first apartment *insert mega happy dance* is to minimize the amount of things on my walls, when I found an old, unused jewelry box in my mom’s closet,


I was ecstatic.. though not so much about the appearance of the inside and the lack of storage space for bracelets and rings. Sizzlers, I had a little bit of work to do.



-A jewelry box, preferably vintage

-Fabric to cover any ugly inside panels

-ribbon (mine was courtesy of Tiffany & Co. because I don’t waste satin ribbon, especially if it ties up a pretty blue box)

-hot glue gun


1. Once you’ve cut your fabric to fit, you can either hem the edges, or be really daring like me and burn them for a more vintag-ey vibe. CAREFULLY hold the heat against the edge. If it’s satin, it will melt nicely. If it’s cotton, it will catch on fire. Don’t panic, just blow the flame out. Probably don’t tell your parents if you use this method.

2. Hot glue the fabric to the panel.


3. Cut desired lengths of ribbon and hem or burn the edges to prevent fraying. Fold in half, and hot glue along your fold. Then stick in desired spots.


4. Once all ribbons are glued, loop bracelets/rings etc. onto them and tie tightly to the lid of the box!


5. Place remaining jewelry inside and enjoy your new creation.


Yay! I’m super excited to have a practical place to store my starting big-girl jewelry collection. I hope you found some inspiration here, and let me know if you decide to try your own take on this! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!! I hope you’re spoiling your moms silly. Lord knows they deserve it!