The 5-Minute Duct Tape Key Fob


It’s such a funny little word, isn’t it? I was in dire need of some kind of a keychain that wasn’t my Texas State lanyard (which I have loved to the point of rags). A bunch of my sorority sisters had gotten shorter lanyards for their keychains, and they were so cute! I decided I wanted a bracelet-looking keychain and began some pinterest research. The search bar didn’t like “bracelet keychain” very much, but when I saw the word “fob” and typed it in, they popped up everywhere. Whoda thunk it?

When I found out I would need to order supplies to make it, I had to take matters into my own hands. The following is what resulted.

5 Monute


– Normal Duct tape (any pattern, texture, color, whatever)

– 1″ duct tape



1. Cut a strip of regular width duct tape that will wrap loosely around your wrist with a little bit of folding room. Mine was 12″.

IMG_32292. Fold the duct tape into thirds, carefully. It’s duct tape…so it’s sticky. And it will tear itself apart..which I totally didn’t have issues with. So I didn’t have to repeat this step 3 times.

Just kidding. Third time is TOTALLY the charm.

Just kidding. Third time is TOTALLY the charm.

3. Make a loop by folding the duct tape in half…


4. …and fold the tips around your keyring.


5. Taking your 1″ duct tape, wrap around the edges a few times to keep it in tact.


Snip the end and finito!!


I I love that it’s no-stitches-required. Don’t get me wrong- we all know about my love affair with my sewing machine, but this was just so much fun! If you try one out, post a picture in the comments!! 🙂

Much love, Sizzlers!



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