In my 10 Things I Wish I Knew for Freshman Yearย post, I forgot to mention how much I disliked the first few weeks of school. Between getting books, falling into a new routine, and the general chaos of organizing my life for a new season, it just gets SO overwhelming!! A lot has been going on, and I apologize for my absence. Move in day was insane for Kaitlyn and I. We chose to help the freshman move in so that we could move in early, and skip the chaos. We didn’t think that trying to help 6,000 freshman move into their tiny rooms in the Texas heat was going to be chaos. Can you tell we were wrong? Haha!

It’s been difficult falling into a new study schedule, particularly because my textbooks took a week to ship. So this last week has been a lot of trying to catch up on chapter outlines, notecard-creating, and reading! On top of it all, I decided to staff Bobcat Awakening #42 AND I’m rushing the Catholic service sorority, Mu Epsilon Theta. My, my, MY!

Now that my routine is finally starting to fall together, it’s time to add blogging back into the mix, and it all starts with my RESIDENCE HALL ROOM REVEAL!!!!!!!

Room RevealMy canopy is undoubtedly probably my favorite part of the room. It’s nice because I made it out of voile, so it’s basically a curtain that hangs around my head and keeps the pesky light out when I wanna sleep in a little bit!


This gem hangs by the end of my bed, and I can see her in my closet mirror!


See Audrey at the left edge? ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t have a lot of hanging clothes, and because these individual rooms tend to feel really small when they have a lot of furniture in them, I shoved my dresser into my closet and created an entire “getting-ready station” with all of my clothes, jewelry, and perfumes right next to each other! P


I love how this wall came out! The picture board, and my canvasses balance out the nightstand perfectly.


Welcome to my desk area! I love that I get a lot of light from my window. Next to it is my crafting station. I brought my sewing machine this year, and I’m excited to have room to use it!


This is the collage wall above my desk.


I like this shot a lot because you can kind of see the little window decoration I made. I didn’t want to hang curtains that would compete with my canopy, but I wanted to draw the attention away from my dingy mini-blinds. So, I made a little curtain of Tiffany blue flowers.


It’s my personal belief that no room is complete without a cozy reading/study area. So, I strung some lights under my bed and made it a little homey ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to stretch out under there and read up on my anatomy.

It’s such a nice place to chill out in. I’ll be posting tutorials based off of some of the stuff I made for my room as the next few weeks go by- I promise! Be on the lookout, Sizzlers!





6 thoughts on “ROOM REVEAL!

  1. I found your blog through a friend and I recognize that room! I actually live in the same residence hall! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVED where you put the dresser and how you’re using it–wonderful idea! I didn’t even think to move mine, so it’s been hanging out by the door, being a catch-all.
    Thank you! I will definitely have to follow this blog from now on.

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